a tableware that grows on trees!


In today’s busy lifestyle and all the running around, it’s hard to get the right balance of natural products into our lives. Even though with our desire to go natural whenever and wherever possible, it is sometimes impossible to find natural products with the same sort of efficiency and performance to compete with their synthetic or unnatural counterparts.


My wife and me personally at times have been on and off from some natural alternatives just because of the same reason as we found them to be a bit more time consuming and unpractical at times to fit in our busy schedules.


The good thing’s been that the fire in our heart to be closer to nature has kept us on the path to find and adopt natural alternatives in our lives whenever and wherever possible.


One such product that we discovered in our journey has been Disposable Kitchenware made from Areca Palm leaves. The more we searched about it, made us more and more keen to adopt it in our lives. To our surprise its far ahead superior in quality and performance and has far less footprints on the nature than its artificial unnatural alternatives, ones made from plastic; polystyrene and even paper.


This Natural and Biodegradable range of Kitchenware is made from naturally fallen leaves/sheaths of Arecanut palm. No trees are chopped down during this process making them a sustainable source for the future. The leaves fall naturally after the fruit ripens, which are then collected, cleaned and moulded into different shapes and sizes just using heat and water. No chemicals or binding agents are used during the process making them completely food safe and even after use discarding them to make compost.


Palm leaf kitchenware is quite sturdy and leak proof and able to stand both hot and cold temperatures making them perfect food carrier from soup to gravies and even desserts. Ok to use in the Microwave for up to 2 mins and in the oven to 180 degrees up to 45 minutes provided they are at least 6” away from the heat source. They are fine to use in the Fridge and Freezer too.


Being natural every piece of kitchenware is unique in its colour and texture and not just boring mass production product. Let’s go nature`al has partnered with Simply Urbane to bring you the Premium range of Areca Leaf Kitchenware, guaranteed to add charm to your serve.


As heat treatment is used in the manufacturing process, there is no need to wash them before use.


So next time you don’t feel like washing dishes or having a BBQ in your backyard or picnic/camping in the bush bring out your Areca Palm leaf Kitchenware from Let’s go nature`al


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