The Benefits of Drinking Water from a Copper Vessel....

Why Copper...


Copper was the first metal that humans discovered on the surface of the earth. They realised that water stored in copper vessel would stay fresh for longer and would not go stale. 

Over the centuries they discovered numerous benefits of Copper both as an essential mineral vital to human health and a metal capable of killing bacterias.(source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA).


Studies have found that it aids in reducing inflammation, enhances brain function, increases iron absorption, aids in healthy weight loss, slows aging, fights cancer and maintains healthy heart (Olivares, M and Uauy, R, 1996).


Copper deficiency can be manifested as either inherited defect or acquired deficit. Acquired deficiency can be manifested as anemia, neutropenia, bone abnormalities or even hypopigmentation of hair, alterations of phagocytic capacity of neutrophils, cholesterol and glucose altered metabolism and cardiovascular changes (Olivares, M and Uauy, R, 1996). 


Studies have found that storing water in copper vessel creates a natural purification process. Copper ions dissolve in that water in small amounts is termed as the Oligodynamic effect. Ican kill all the microorganisms, molds, fungi, algae and bacteria, present in the water that could be harmful to the body and make the water perfectly fit for drinking.


Storing Water in a Copper Vessel is a natural way to make alkaline water. Drinking alkaline water can be a great way to support a healthy lifestyle.


The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has even registered copper as the only solid material that kills bacteria and protects us from vulnerable health risks.


Although Copper is an essential trace element but like excess of everything is bad. If one drinks water that contains higher than normal levels of Copper, one may experience nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, or diarrhoea. 


Recommended dose / usage:

Drinking water from copper vessel has numerous health benefits but this does not mean that you can drink this water all day long.

 One can follow this ancient Ayurvedic practice. Please note this is only a rough guide and you may want to consult your health professional for specific details particularly if you have concurrent medical conditions:

 Keep water in a copper vessel overnight by your bedside and drink this water first thing in the morning when you wake up. This particular practice is very useful in stimulating your bowel movements in the morning. This practice will keep your digestive system very healthy and set your metabolism for rest of the day. You will feel very refreshed and light every day.

 Remember you should not drink this copper vessel water all year long. Once you start drinking water stored in a copper vessel you can continue this practice for three months and then take a break for one month (stop drinking water stored in the copper vessel). After a one month break, you can continue drinking water again from a copper vessel for next three months. This gives our body time to remove any excess copper deposited in our body. The body has its own mechanism of eliminating the excess of anything.

Copper utensils stain and darken over a period of time. This happens naturally, due to a process called Oxidation. Care and cleaning of copper vessels is quite easy and can be done with options easily available at home like salt and lemon or using vinegar and salt.



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