Wooden Cutlery

Wooden Cutlery- Compostable Spoons (small)

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Single Use Disposable Birchwood Spoons are perfect for deserts, ice-creams etc. and a good alternate to plastic disposable spoons. Made from FSC certified sustainable Birchwood and free from any toxins and are 100% backyard compostable.

Disposable Plastic Cutlery is one of the worst plastic polluters. Used only for a few minutes and hardly recycled because they are dirty and too small to get handled and majority of the time end up in landfill or our waterways.

4.3" long.

Made from sustainable plantation Birchwood- FSC certified. 

suitable for hot and cold food.

Disposable, Compostable Tasting spoon- plastic free alternate

Pack size: 12(available in 100 pack and bulk carton quantities too)