Natural Coir Fibre Cleaning Brush

Our Natural Coconut Coir Fibre Cleaning Brushes are 100% natural and Plastic free. Plastic is everywhere and it does not go away as recycling plastic creates more plastic, moreover it breaks down into microplastic that is even harder to separate.  

Finding alternatives and switching to plastic-free options is one of the ways we can help support the environment and reduce our impact on planet Earth. 

Coir fibre cleaning brushes have been made and used for centuries before plastic became common and took over the world. Coir fibre is derived from the empty coconut shells, is hand combed and turned into these beautiful and useful cleaning brushes by hand. 

Ethically made and sustainably sourced, our natural coir fibre cleaning brushes are a good old alternate to plastic cleaning brushes.

Naturally strong they last a long time and are capable of cleaning places that are hard to reach ,at the same time soft enough to leave any marks behind. 

Natural Coir bristles that haven't been bleached or dyed.

Natural Coir Fibre Bottle Cleaning Brush Regular price $5.95
Natural Coir Vegetable and Fruit Cleaning Brush- Kamenoko Tawashi Brush Regular price $5.95
Natural Coir Fibre Straw Cleaning Brush Regular price $3.95