Natural Compostable Tableware(Plates)

For Thousands of years humans have used leaves as plates, covering and cooking food and all sorts of things, fortunately we didn't had plastic then...

Leaf plates are made from naturally fallen leaves of Areca palm/Betel-nut palm, technically a recycled material. Instead of going into landfill or being burnt, it's a second life.

The collection and processing of leaves creates rural employment opportunities and a reason for the people not to migrate to bigger cities for employment.

Our partner employs Women from these remote areas, creating employment opportunities for them, helping them to become independent and self sustainable. 

100% natural, no sealants, binding agents or chemicals are used; Toxic-free, Plastic free, BPA free, eco-friendly plates. 

Every piece  of tableware is handcrafted and not mass manufactured. Being natural, every piece is different to the other with it's colour, texture and own unique character.

They can be used more than once depending on how it's been used and after using simply return it back to nature in your compost bin or soil where natural elements will take care of it.

Being a brown waste, it would add nitrogen to the soil, isn't that amazing...

Your search for disposable diningware/eco-friendly party disposable ends here....

We stock whole range of biodegradable plates and cutlery.