Reusable Essentials

Reusables are great for the environment. Any sort of manufacturing and production takes energy, resources, manpower, freight/shipping etc..

At Let's go Nature'al, We believe if something needs to be made then it should be made to last a long time otherwise there is not much difference from it's disposable counterpart. 



Reusable Produce Bags By Tulgeen Regular price $15
Stainless Steel Peg- Marine grade #316 (59mmx 2mm) Regular price $39.95
Glass Straw Set with Natural Fibre Cleaning Brush Regular price $9.95
Reusable Bubble Tea Straw- Reusable Stainless Steel Metal Straw Regular price $9.95
Tea Drinking Straw- Rose Gold Regular price $4.95
Travel Cutlery Set- Reusable Bamboo Cutlery. Regular price $8.95
Brush with Bamboo, Bamboo Hair Brush Regular price $29.95
Reusable Cup with Straw Regular price $39.95