About us

Our Story:

Some incidences in our life shape what we do or lead us to what we are today.

In 2016, my dad got diagnosed with cancer which came as a shock to all of us and I believe everyone who has been through those circumstances might have gone through the same phase.

We started looking at all the options and treatments available in his best interest. 

To our amazement we came across many natural products/foods having cancer fighting qualities and so easily available around us, used by previous generations as part of their food and lifestyle. 

As we were already on a Plastic-free journey, we made a promise to ourselves to be closer to nature and go natural and use our concept  as a platform to help others too in their commitment. Finding Solutions that are Plastic-free, Sustainable, Recycled & Recyclable and Supporting our Communities.


Our Values:

We firmly believe that everything we have in our life is a Blessing- this life, this breath, nature around us, our relations, things that we have and the things that we don't have...

But at the same time We are answerable and accountable (one can call it Karma-our deeds) for all of this and would be questioned how we took care of it, when we had them.

We forget and abuse the nature, natural resources, wildlife, animals (sometimes people too) and treat them as objects solely there to fulfil our greed.

This is our guiding principle and help us to stay on the right path.


Our Quality:

  • We stay away from concepts/products that can be misleading or are just marketing gimmicks or fads and do not use terms/jargons that are misleading are simply GreenWashing.
  • We stay away from features/colours that do not add value or are not good for the environment. 
  • Our packaging tends to be simple, cardboard, paper boxes that are recyclable.
  • We work very close with our suppliers, product and concept designers to eliminate unnecessary packaging both in products and used in transportation including plastic and non-plastic.
  • We recycle all the packaging we receive in shipping our orders.
  • Our shipping agency is Carbon Neutral. 
  • We go behind the brands to find the real people and investigate if they share the same passion as us.








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