Cleaning, Care & Instructions for Reusable Drinking Straws

Switching to Reusables is one the best investments one can do for their own health & our planet. It's a well known fact backed by researches now that consuming food or drinks in or through plastic creates lot of health issues both physical & mental over the period of time.


The life of disposable products is only a few minutes and after that if not recycled properly (which happens in majority of the scenarios due to various reasons and limitations) end up in landfill or in our waterways & oceans, where they not only pollute the environment but also get mistakenly consumed by animals or birds for food.


How to clean drinking straws? How to clean Stainless Steel Drinking Straws

Cleaning & care of your reusable straws should not be taken as a hard task and is quite simple process.


Can Stainless Steel Straws go in the Dishwasher? Are Stainless Steel Straws Diswasher safe?

Our Reusable Drinking Straws: Stainless Steel, Bamboo & Glass are all dishwasher safe and can also be cleaned with the Straw Cleaning Brushes that either come with them or can be purchased separately.

The straws can also be left soaked in soapy water for a bit before cleaning incase if they have been left for a bit after use.

All of our straws are toxic-free, reusable & recyclable.


Thanks for choosing recyclable drinking straws.