FAQs about Stainless Steel Pegs

Stainless Steel Pegs for Clothes are much better than plastic pegs and wooden pegs. Plastic pegs, despite being UV treated eventually break down in the weather after facing hot and cold temperature variations and direct sunlight while wooden pegs go mouldy. 

But are all stainless steel pegs the same? Would they leave rust marks on the clothes? Will they get hot in the Australian summer? We have tried to answer all your queries here in this FAQ about clothes peg, let us know your thoughts and suggestions via email: info@letsgonatureal.com.au

Stainless Steel Peg

Are Stainless Steel Pegs good?

Stainless steel pegs as an alternate to plastic or wooden/bamboo pegs are much better as they would last longer, would not break down as frequently as plastic ones or go mouldy like wooden/bamboo ones. But how long they will last depends on the quality and grade of stainless steel. Poor grade stainless steel like #201, #204 and even #304 etc. will get rust sooner if left out in the weather and close proximity to sea as salt content in the breeze will react with the iron in the stainless steel. 

Marine grade #316 Stainless steel is suitable for outside and can stand different weather conditions hence would last longer then the rest of the pegs.

Our Marine grade Stainless Steel wire Pegs are designed to last a lifetime guaranteed against rust, breaks or cracks.


Do Stainless Steel Pegs get hot?

Poor quality stainless steel pegs get hot in the summer sun but our premium quality marine grade pegs will not get hot. They are designed for hot Australian summer.


Do Stainless Steel Pegs rust?

Stainless Steel is much more resistant to corrosion but can still rust depending on the grade of stainless steel ( being an alloy depends on the percentage of other elements) and external factors like environment, moisture, saline, grime etc.

Marine grade #316 has the highest resistance to corrosion and would last longer as compared to the other grades of stainless steel and conventional materials.


Do Stainless Steel Pegs leave rust marks on clothes?

This too depends on the grade and quality of stainless steel pegs and our premium quality marine grade wire pegs would not leave any rust marks on clothes.


At Let's go Nature'al, we believe in creating quality products that are made to last a long time as replacing things frequently is not a sustainable solution. There are lot of resources that go in to the making of products and leaves a massive impact on this planet. 

Please choose wisely.