Compostable Plate made from Areca Palm Leaves,suitable for hot and cold foods.

Biodegradable Plates- Natural, Compostable 4" Entree Plates

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Biodegradable Plates that are home Compostable, 100% Natural and Toxic free.

Get the natural goodness of eating on the leaves with this tableware made simply using water and pressure to mould to different shapes and sizes. 
No sealants or binding agents, no toxic chemicals. 
Weddings, parties, camping, picnics- whatever be the occasion, this natural tableware comes handy.
Palm leaf tableware are durable and leak proof, able to withstand hot and cold temperatures without getting soggy or flimsy.       
Made from naturally fallen Areca palm leaves,sustainable resource- no trees are cut down, no damage  to the environment or our wild life.
Dimension: 4"Entree  plates.
Pack size: 25
If you would like to know more about the Eco-Palm Leaf Tableware then visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section here.