Bottle Cleaning Brush made from Coir Fibre

Natural Coir Fibre Bottle Cleaning Brush

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Eco-friendly Bottle cleaning brush made from Natural Coconut/coir fibre. Plastic is everywhere, even to clean our reusable bottles we use plastic/nylon bristle cleaning brushes.  

The tradition of making cleaning brushes from Coir fibre is centuries old. Coconut fibre is hand combed and then made into these cleaning brushes by hand. No toxic chemicals are used in the process. End of life, the brush is home compostable and can be returned back to the nature either in a home compost bin or bury into the soil and it would not leave any trace behind.

  •  Hard enough to remove the dirt and soft enough not to leave any marks  behind.
  •  Let the brush dry after use and do not leave submerged in water for a long time to get the best life out of your cleaning brush.
  • Plant based bristles cleaning brush.