Copper Water Bottle.
Water Bottle made from Copper is good for health. Copper makes water naturally alkaline

Copper Water Bottle- Hammered (Dimple) finish-1 Litre

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Copper Water Bottle makes water naturally Alkaline. Copper kills harmful bacteria and provides essential mineral for our body.

Copper was the first metal humans came in contact with, thousands of years back and realised water stored in copper would stay fresh for longer, would not go stale. For centuries, Copper remained the only metal that humans used. 

Get all the natural health benefits of drinking water from a Copper Vessel with our bottles made from food safe grade pure copper, free from Lead and impurities.

Handmade by artisans hence may have some imperfections.  

  • Copper Bottles made from pure Copper, no impurities, no lead. The bottles are 100% recyclable and reusable end of life.
  • 1000ml- 1 Litre water capacity.
  • Paper-box packaging- recyclable and reusable. 100% plastic free pacakging.

How to Care and Clean Copper Vessel, click here.