Clothes Peg, Stainless Steel Peg.
Stainless Steel Peg

Stainless Steel Peg- Marine grade #316 (59mmx 2mm)

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Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs- Marine grade (#316) designed to last a lifetime. 

Clothes Peg - such a common and simple product in our daily lives yet can leave a negative impact on the environment.

Plastic pegs break down in the weather and the wooden pegs go mouldy!  Replacing products frequently is not a sustainable way of life as it leaves a massive impact on the environment and on this planet. Any sort of manufacturing and production takes energy, resources, manpower, freight/shipping etc..

Reducing our needs, living with less, recycling, reusing and repurposing things that we already have, should be our focus. 

So next time if you want to purchase a new product, think of it as an investment, spending on something that will last, can be repaired, is reusable and easily recyclable so it does not leave a negative impact on the environment. The stainless steel pegs at Let's go Nature`al are designed and carefully made to last a lifetime.


A common question: "Which stainless Steel Pegs are better?"

Most of us leave pegs out on the line even when they are not getting used. In Australia, lot of people live in coastal cities and sea breeze has salt content, causing rust even to stainless steel.

Poor quality Stainless steel like #201, #204 etc. rust in a year or so and the #304 (18/8) grade takes a bit longer. 

Our Marine grade (#316) Stainless Steel Pegs, 2mm thickness made from single piece wire are made to last a lifetime. The single piece wire design ensure that it does not break apart in two pieces.


  • #316- Marine grade wire.
  • 59mm x 2mm (thickness).
  • Easy to use.
  • Pack of 25pcs.
  • Pure Cotton, un-dyed, un-bleached bag; waste-free packaging. 

Do Stainless Steel Clothes Peg get hot in hot Australian summer?

Our Marine grade Clothes Pegs will NOT get hot and are perfect for hot summer conditions.

At Let's go Nature'al, We believe if something needs to be made then it should be made to last a long time otherwise there is not much difference from it's disposable counterpart.